Free product image rollover module for Prestashop

  • Product image rollover module for Prestashop

Free product image rollover module for Prestashop


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Completed building your Prestashop online store? That’s great news. But wait a second before you put it to business. Does your website have all the cool new features that other online stores have? If you don’t, our free product image rollover module for Prestashop can become your savior.

This module provides a product rollover effect for your store so that when a person hovers their mouse pointer over a product, several changes occur; the product image changes and also displays product details like the product price and also additional buttons to display more details about the product. Since this image rollover effect is not found in Prestashop by default, having a Prestashop image rollover module to obtain the feature is essential.

Easy installation of the module makes it possible for anyone to configure the module within several minutes just by reading the user guide document. The module is lightweight and provided completely free. Download the module today to enjoy the eye catching product rollover effects.

  • Compatible with Prestashop 1.6.x
  • Free installation support. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help

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Can a basic Prestashop online store help your business achieve the required profit? Although a basic website will serve its purpose, adding more attractive and user friendly features to your store will bring in more customers for your business and also help to retain the current customers. Our free product image rollover module for Prestashop is one such example module that increases the value of attraction of your online store by several folds.

Awesome Prestashop image rollover module

Prestashop image rollover module is a free Prestashop module that gives a professional product rollover effect to your online store. Although there are other modules in the market which gives similar effects for Prestashop websites, our module provides a bundle of features bound together to form a lightweight module which is easily configurable.

The module has all what it takes to give your product listing an attractive, new look and makes the products appear more appealing to be bought by the visitors to your site. Due to the eye catching effect, the products become easier to view and also makes the online store more professional.

Multi rollover effect to choose

The free product image rollover module for Prestashop offers not only one effect but 6 different rollover effects that can be used according to the preference of the website owner or to suit the website design or the Prestashop theme. The scrolling effects available include, zoom, fade, vertical scrolling top to bottom, vertical scrolling bottom to top, horizontal scrolling left to right and horizontal scrolling right to left. Each option lets a user view the second product image and other buttons and details after a simple animation from the first product image as said in the scrolling effect name.

All the rollover effects of the Prestashop image rollover module are unique from each other and gives a different look to your product listing page. In addition to the appearance they also work smoothly without any drawbacks.

As the module is offered completely free, you can just visit our website and download it directly without any payment. Even if you are not a person with much of a technical knowledge you can easily install and configure our Prestashop image rollover module without any difficulty. The module has been created with only a few simple steps to get it up and running and all the steps involved are easily understandable. This module is just what you need to make your online store website more user friendly, attractive and also professional. We believe our module will help in a great deal towards your business in terms of its look and feel and smooth functionality. Download it right now before it’s too late!

2 reviews for Free product image rollover module for Prestashop

  1. 5 out of 5


    Good module and easy to install… Thanks for your work

  2. 5 out of 5


    This module works well with Prestashop 1.6.x

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