Hire Prestashop developerExpreience, high quality development and affordability are some major things we look for when we hire Prestashop developer for our ecommerce solution. Getting an online store developed for a business is a task that requires excellent skills in design, development and also a good knowledge in business and marketing. Experience in the industry of development is also a must when it comes to software solutions. So if you are looking for a Prestashop developer for your business needs, we believe that a trusted developer with all these qualities in combination is what you need to drive your business towards success. And we at Prestashop Addons Store are the skilled Prestashop developer masters of the industry.

A single Prestashop developer or a team of Prestashop developers, we have what you need. We are a professional workforce that will bring out the best results for your ecommerce project. The services we offer ranges from complete online store website development to theme development and module development. All the services are offered at reasonable and affordable prices and to suit 100% Prestashop standard.

Why hire our experienced Prestashop developers?

With over 6 years of providing products and services in the field, the experience we possess as Prestashop developers is immense when compared to novice developers in the industry. Our employees are highly qualified in design and development of ecommerce solutions as well as identifying and targeting the solution towards the specified market. As we follow an advanced process in development with business and marketing strategies, you will witness a complete difference in the results obtained from our ecommerce projects when compared with many other companies or freelance teams. When you hire Prestashop developer from us, all the project requirements are analyzed as the first step while analyzing the target market and customer preferences. All these are then mapped together to design the final complete solution.

Once you hire Prestashop developers from us, we maintain the promise that the project will not be duplicated as a whole or as parts for another client. We respect our clients and therefore will keep your project unique as our main intention is to offer you with the best. The complete Prestashop website projects will be equipped with all the necessary features of a store with the best Prestashop modules containing high functionality and user friendliness. We as experienced Prestashop programmers believe that these are the qualities that bring in more and more users for your store in turn increasing your sales. The same quality will be found in our Prestashop theme and module developments, with rich features, uniqueness and user friendliness.

We are #1 Outsourcing Prestashop development company

We have completed many projects with overseas clients and thereby you will be glad to know that we also offer outsource facility. Therefore if you are a businessman living overseas you can always hire Prestashop developers from us for lower costs but for best quality results than when you insource your projects. 100% work quality is also guaranteed when you hire Prestashop developer from us. Working on time is something you expect from when you hire Prestashop team. And we assure you that our developers and teams are reliable to be working ahead of deadlines. While giving out high quality work on time, constant contact with the client will be continued as well without missing out. So the client will also be well aware of what’s happening in the project throughout the time it’s conducted.

Easy payment and cost effective

We also offer easy payment methods for our clients such as Paypal, Moneybooker and Western Union so all the transactions can be done easily even for overseas clients. Although our prices may differ according to the service, we assure you that we will not charge you more than what you are initially requested for the project given that the project requirements remain unchanged. There are no hidden charges on any of our services except the fixed amount. The price chart for each of our services is given below.

Service Estimated price
Hourly rate 10USD / hour
Build custom module From 150USD
Build custom theme From 300USD
Customization work From 50USD


*Note: Above is estimated prices, contact us or request a quote to get an exact price for your project.

We maintain high standards as renowned Prestashop programmers and do not offer our clients faulty products but if you are to come across any major issues on the service offered, 100% money back is guaranteed. A support service is also available for you to contact and obtain support for minor issues you may face and questions that may need clarification. Contact us to hire Prestashop developers for your project or to obtain any information you require on the services we offer or simply visit our website to find additional details.