Import products to PrestashopPrestashop offers the best ecommerce solutions to entrepreneurs around the world, providing them with the opportunity of getting their own online store built. Being open source and fast in processing and data handling, the software has earned a name and a great popularity in the market.  This article will discuss how to import products to Prestashop just using defautl Prestashop import feature, no additional Prestashop addons are required

Management of Prestashop catalog is extremely simple and easy. All the products, categories, manufacturers, suppliers in a store come under the catalog. Due to the user friendly nature of the software the management of these products, categories etc. have become easier for the person who manages the website. The back office has an easy to understand structure with simple features to carry out the management of the website.

When do you need to consider to import products to Prestashop?

When you own an online store which has marketable products and a huge market, the number of products you offer your customers cannot be measured by a simple scale. You may have thousands of products or even more in your store. And all these products have to be uploaded to your website. How about a manual uploading all of these, product by product? It’s going to be a tedious task isn’t it? Even if your store isn’t new, if you are moving your store from one platform to another, for example, from Magneto, Opencart or Shopify to Prestashop you will have to import products to Prestashop again. Or even in instances where you have to add a large number of new products to your website, would you want to go through the one by one manual uploading process again?

Don’t panic! Because Prestashop has everything organized for its users. It consists of a special feature to do bulk uploads to import products to Prestashop. Importing thousands of products in one go is facilitated with CSV file imports and it will only cost you a few minutes. The user can enter all the necessary details of the products and also other details as well, such information on customers and categories to separate CSV files, and upload to the store. This feature shows how helpful and user friendly this ecommerce solution is, and why a large number of people around the world stick to it for online stores.

How to import products through CSV?

Given below are the steps to complete the task of import products to Prestashop through a single CSV file.

  • Go to “Advanced Parameters” and click on “CSV import”.
  • Download the sample CSV files available.
  • Sample products file
  • Sample categories file
  • Sample customers file
  • Fill in your details of products, categories, customers into the specified fields of the sample files.
  • Upload the CSV file after filling, via clicking on “Select a CSV file to import”.
  • Follow the remaining steps to complete the process.

Back up your website before it’s late!

After entering the information, if you possess a well formatted CSV file, uploading it to the website will give you all the products added to the store at once. But there are chances of errors occurring of course. But sometimes you notice the errors after the Prestashop import. Some of the most common issues people come across are missing information in certain entries added and missing product images. Due to this, taking a full backup of the database before an import is recommended to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Because of these facts, there is a risk in trying to do the process by a person with less or no knowledge in the software. Recommended method is to hire an advanced developer from a reputed company for this task.

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