Prestashop ecommerce platform  offers some of the best features for its users. For starters it’s a free and open source platform which runs on all web servers without glitches. It also has thousands of paid and free Prestashop templates and modules that can be used with it. But if you are still not satisfied whether Prestashop is the ecommerce platform you need, here are some of the reasons that might convince you.

  1. Prestashop Themes and modules

Everybody likes to have their online store set apart from others, in appearance and features. With Prestashop, both these requirements are fulfilled easily with its availability of paid or free Prestashop themes and modules. A theme can change the look and feel of your website while a module can add a new functionality to it, making your store visually, and user-experience-wise more appealing to your customers. There are many useful Prestashop modules as: Prestashop mega menu module, Prestashop blog module, Prestashop detection location module… You only buy theme and install for your website.

  1. Open Source

Prestashop an open source platform benefits both designers and merchants. If you’re a designer, you get an e-commerce platform that can be changed and used in any way you require to do your client projects easily. And if you’re a merchant, you get a platform which has a large developer base you can go to in any development or customization needs, without having to directly reach the Prestashop team.

  1. Overrides

Prestashop allows overriding its Prestashop modules as well as its core functionality with the assurance of not getting the changes overwritten with new updates. This is quite beneficial to developers to easily make changes to the store and for merchants to get exactly what feature they need.

  1. Localization

If you’re an international seller, this is quite an important feature for you. Prestashop supports multiple currencies and languages on a single store, making it much easier to reach out to customers from any part of the world and do business with them in their own currency without a hassle.

  1. Number of features

Prestashop is easy to learn and easy to use for everybody. In addition to that, it offers a large number of features with each released update, the updates making the back office more user friendly while making sure the customer experience in the front end is also enhanced.

  1. Security

Security is a major concern for websites which deal with money and payments. But it’s all taken care of by Prestashop’s full PCI compliancy and full support to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates. With Prestashop, all the passwords and even cookies are encrypted making sure nobody else other than the account owners have access to their accounts. It also encourages changing the URL of the admin area to make the access to the back office more secure.

  1. Payment integration

PayPal and Google Checkout integration are provided out of the box for Prestashop store merchants. But to make things even better, you are also given the ability to integrate specific payment methods such as Barclaycard EDPQ or SagePay by downloading and installing any payment Prestashop modules to your site.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The last but not the least is SEO. As Prestashop comes equipped with SEO abilities, you don’t have to manually configure settings or install a new Prestashop addon to make your store search engine friendly. With Prestashop’s capability to add custom Meta data to products, auto generation of XML sitemaps and canonical URLs, and the availability Pretty URLs for products and pages are some of its SEO methods.