Spam comments, messages and user accounts on your Prestashop online store are bound to give you a headache. And to make matters worse, it’s not just you who sees the public spam comments posted on your site or blog: your customers will too. This has a serious potential of making your website a place which is pleasant neither to you nor your customers. But how exactly do you stop it? Don’t worry, we have the perfect answer.

Our Captcha Pro Prestashop captcha module was released which is a module that can completely block spam messages from your sales website after you install it in a few simple steps. Although there are various modules available online with the same purpose, Captcha Pro beats them with its simplicity, clear captcha imaging, user friendliness for both the merchant and the customer and its quick installation and customization ability.

There are several main features of our Captcha Pro Prestashop recaptcha module to guard your store from spamming. It provides spam protection, or in other words, captcha generation for two main instances where the users interact with your website. These instances are

  1. Contact Form Captcha
  2. Registration Form Captcha

And in addition to this, the website manager can decide whether or not to insert a captcha generator on a specific page on the website or not.

Contact Form Captcha

One of the most irritating types of spamming we come across reaches us through the contact forms. This happens mainly when software programs send unnecessary spam messages to our store message database either promoting their products, services etc. But with our contact form Prestashop captcha, these spam messages can be completely prevented from reaching your message database.

Registration Form Captcha

The next type of spamming occurs when a user registers with your online store. Hundreds of fake spam accounts filling your store database can easily drive you crazy. But with our registration form Prestashop captcha feature which comes with Captcha Pro can solve this issue by generating a clear captcha image for the newly registering user to enter and submit.

One of the main advantages of your Prestashop Captcha module is that it doesn’t require expert knowledge to configure and use. So you can simply install and customize the captcha image types, and do the selections and application to specific pages all by yourself. And just like all our Prestashop modules, Captcha Pro has free installation support, 1 year free upgrade and 30 days money-back guarantee. Purchase Captcha Pro and make your website spam-free.