Your website’s slider plays an important role in getting your product details, special discounts, promotions etc. through to the visitors of your website. This is mainly because it’s what a person first set their eyes upon once landing on the store’s home page. Therefore it’s a factor of great importance to have a slider module like our Nivo Slider module was released, this Prestashop slider module has a number of great and unique features that can make your site look great while marketing itself all the same.

What is the Prestashop Nivo Slider module?

There’s nobody in the industry who doesn’t know about the Nivo Slider right? It’s a highly functional slider made using jQuery that’s being used in thousands of websites around the world. But there’s a small problem- Prestashop doesn’t support the Nivo module by default. And this is where you need our Prestashop Nivo Slider module which gives you a version of Nivo Slider that can be integrated completely with your store with full compatibility.

Advanced Features

In addition to integrating the slider, this module also gives some great advanced features to it to make things better. Some of these are,

  • Multi language support
  • Included Nivo JQuery
  • Custom slide colors per each slide
  • Supports all the standard slide transitions by Nivo
  • Sort slides using Ajax
  • Great caption animations for slides
  • Advanced settings to choose from
  • Compatibility with custom Prestashop themes
  • Responsiveness

Great Caption Animations

While providing support to all standard features of the Nivo slider, the module also includes advanced customization features for the slider as well. One of the major additions to customization in our module is the caption animation.

Although the Nivo Slider allows customizable captions by default, in the Prestashop Slider module also allows adding animations for individual captions. These effects can be chosen from the caption transition effects or the Nivo slider transition effects and added to your slider captions. And we believe this feature can give your website a unique and an attractive look and feel which is not even found in the basic Nivo Slider.

Easy installation and configuration

The Prestashop Nivo Slider module is easy to be installed and configured to your online shop. As the module supports direct download and install, a novice user can also conduct the process easily.

The Prestashop Nivo Slider module is a great way, in fact the best way to integrate the world famous Nivo Slider to your website. So why hesitate? Purchase the module for a reasonable price with 24/7 customer support and a 30 days money back guarantee.