When you have hundreds and thousands of products in your online store, it’s a tiresome matter for the customers to go through sections and lists of them to find what they need. To make things easy for the customers, the search functionality has become an essential part of a sales website. And our Prestashop advanced search module with category filter is the ideal choice for any type of Prestashop store, and that’s why our Prestashop search module was released.

You may wonder why we need a separate module for the search functionality when there’s already a search function implanted by default in Prestashop. But the limited functionality of the default Prestashop search will take your store nowhere in the growing competitive market.

Key Features

With a number of advanced features, advanced search options and a user friendly interface, the advanced search module easily replaces the default search by Prestashop. The Prestashop advanced search module is also responsive, easy to install and easy to configure. Given below are some of the key features of the module.

  • Instant search
  • Ajax search
  • Search products by choosing a category
  • Display category drop-down or not (can be removed)
  • Custom category level separator
  • Choose category depth level
  • Display product thumbnail image in search (can be removed)
  • Compatible with both default and custom Prestashop themes
  • HTML/CSS validated

Instant Search

Instant results are what anybody and everybody would expect from a search function. And the Prestashop search module built using Ajax displays results super-fast even while the customer is entering the search keyword, making it easier for the customer to select from the drop down while they type.

Category Search

A feature that takes the Prestashop search module a few steps ahead in the game is its category search options. This comes in handy when the user doesn’t know the keyword for the exact product they’re looking for, or would want additional filtering options for their search. The customer can choose a category from the category drop-down and then search for the product so that only the products in the specified category are displayed.

Easy Configuration

The user guide that comes with this premium Prestashop module explains each configuration option step by step in a manner understandable for even the beginners. And even without the user guide, the configuration and the customization of the module is extremely easy.

The merchants has several customization options to the search such as the ability to display or hide the category drop down, add a custom category level separator, choose category depth level and even display or hide product thumbnails in search results. All these features can be added or removed according to your and your store’s requirements by using our module.

If you think this module is what you have been looking for all along, don’t hesitate to make your online store better by adding it to your collection right away. Visit our website: Prestashop Addons Store and order now!