1. Product support policy
  • Prestashop Addons Store offers lifetime support to for all products legally purchased from our website, PrestashopAddon.com without any additional charges.
  • Prestashop Addons Store shall only support the general issues related to the product purchased by the customer given that the customer possess a valid license for the said product.
  • Customer will be asked to pay additional charges for support requests beyond the scope of the purchased product.
  1. Product quality
  • Prestashop Addons Store modules and themes are guaranteed to work without any faults with default Prestashop websites. (Supported versions are stated in the product description)
  • Installing our Prestashop¬†modules or Prestashop themes to custom Prestashop websites may give faults and free support is provided by our support team for fixing minor issues.
  • Support for major issues that occur during a product installation to a custom Prestashop website will require additional charges paid to Prestashop Addon by the customer.
  1. Product upgrade
  • Upgrades and further versions of all Prestashop Addons Store products are offered free for 1 year for the customers with a product with a valid license.
  • Customers can request the new version of the purchased products from Prestashop Addons Store once released.
  • Repurchasing of the product is required after one year of initial purchase to obtain higher versions of the product.
  1. Refunds
  • Refunds can be requested within 7 days of the date of purchase. Customer is required to provide Prestashop Addons Store with the reason for the refund request.
  • Prestashop Addons Store will look into the matter and refund the money only for acceptable reasons relating to the product purchased.
  • Customer is responsible for paying any fees related to the transaction of the payments
  1. License
  • Each license purchased for the product can only be utilized for a single website. If further installations are required, the customer have to¬†buy a new license for each additional installation.
  1. Copyright
  • Prestashop Addons Store has the full copyright to all products. Customers shall use the products based only on the number of licenses purchased.
  • Customer is not allowed to share products of Prestashop Addons Store with any other in any means.
  1. Development service
  • Customers are required to pay half of the project payment prior to starting the project,
  • Remaining payment must be settled after completion of the development work as discussed prior to starting.
  • Prestashop Addon is responsible for fixing any issues in the scope of the project that may happen in future.
  • Customer is required to pay additional charges for any additional work.