Upgrade PrestashopPrestashop is the best ecommerce solution in the world due to its open source availability, higher data handling ability and user-friendliness. More and more business owners are now going towards this ecommerce software to develop online stores for their businesses. In this article, we’ll discuss about how to update Prestashop (upgrade Prestashop) to latest version.

Update your website to the latest version before it’s late!

The most recent version of the software available is 1.6 and it provides a large number of features essential for online shops of all categories. Although 1.6 was released, most websites are still running on the older version. Most current websites are running the versions either 1.4 or 1.5. Although many of you may think that this won’t affect anything in your store and website, sometimes there are instances issues occur when older versions are not upgraded. These issues are mainly related to the safety and security of your store, therefore it’s important that upgrades are made once a new version is available.

In addition to security, not upgrading to the newer version may leave you behind in the constantly changing technological world. As more features are added to the software with each new version that has the ability of enhancing your store’s functionality and capabilities, not doing an update Prestashop will make you fall behind while other store owner’s take advantage of the new features.

One click to upgrade

Updating process has several steps that should be followed vigilantly. The first thing that should be completed is to download the “One click to upgrade” module from the Prestashop official website which will be your gateway for doing an upgrade Prestashop.  After the download is complete install the module and follow the steps to complete the installation. If your website does not contain custom code or custom Prestashop modules or Prestashop themes installed, you will be able to obtain the website with new software version installed similar to the website that was previously available.

Update Prestashop to latest version, it’s not easy work

As the steps to upgrade Prestashop website to latest version seem so easy to follow you may think you’ll be able to finish the upgrade Prestashop by yourself in a few minutes easily. But the issues arise after the upgrade Prestashop is done and not during it. Once you notice what had gone wrong you may be too late to correct it back. Even if certain common problems that pop up after an update Prestashop can be fixed and the missing data can be recovered, these tasks require the coding knowledge of an experienced and skilled developer. Some issues you may encounter after an upgrade Prestashop are missing modules, blank pages and webpages showing errors without showing the proper content. An important step that could be followed before update Prestashop is taking a full backup of the website including source files and database files, so that you will have your previous complete website in case of a loss of data. This way you will have a method of obtaining the lost content back into the upgraded website.

As you can see, One click to upgrade Prestashop is not as easy as they put it forth. If done by a novice developer or a person with no coding knowledge at all, your shop can end up in a huge disaster in the end. But before you worry, we are glad to let you know that there is a perfect solution for this problem; Hire an advanced Prestashop developer to complete your task.

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